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TradaCasino decided to launch a live version of their casino. My duty was to design an interface that could deliver the same experience across all devices from desktop to mobile and create an identity for this new service. First of all, instead of creating a new name under the umbrella of TradaCasino I decided with the client that the best solution would be to give it the same name – Trada Casino – and just adding the LIVE word that will differentiate the service. After all is the same experience and the same promise for this service as for TradaCasino online casino. Thus resulted the Trada Live Casino brand and it’s interface was designed to become a gateway to a live casino experience.

Responsive Web Design - Trada Live Casino


Have you been to Las Vegas? What makes that place so amazing that even if you are not a slots lover it makes you desire to get there at least once in this live? When I started to work for the iGaming Industry I knew almost nothing about this industry. All I knew was from the books that I read or from the movies that I saw and there are a few iconic titles that everybody knew. Gambling, even if it was a taboo subject until recently, it always incited the minds and at least at Holywood this was a successful subject and this demonstrated the “mistic” power behind this subject. Read the full story.

Web Design - Trada Live Casino


Designing an interface for a gateway to a live experience was at least challenging. You have to remember why the user landed on your page, what is the experience he or she is expecting to get at that point, how it looks the experience that the user previously experienced with other casinos and so on but after all you have to remember why are you on this market, what is your strong reason of creating a live service while you have a very strong competition and clearly communicate that thing. What is amazing about the design is that for each layout that you create there are an infinite other possibilities. But, on the other side, design is a language. It speaks not with words but with forms and colors and space and after all you’ll realize that there is just a way of saying something. Design is another language to express, to communicate. So, I chose to communicate this in a very simply and touching way and how I could obtain this effect? Simply. Focusing on people. They make the difference. They are the live component of the experience. They create the Trada Casino Live experience.

Promotion Design - Trada Live Casino


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