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BrandBit is a dynamic environment

built to deliver faster and efficient solutions to your web challenges

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11 Years of Web Design & Digital Marketing
I created my first web design agency in the last year of the Uni, after I read an article in a financial newspaper regarding the growth of the digital market. It happened 11 years ago.
During those days I was a student at PR & Advertising. Since that moment I worked in almost all the areas of classic and digital marketing, from print, radio, PR, to web. Regarding my copywriting skills, a manager told me once: you should have been born American. Yes, I love what I do, I’m passionate about it, and I spend most of my time developing my skills and knowledge.
When I’m not in front of my computer I travel or I go in the mountains.
In 2016 I founded with a friend Sport4You (sport4you.ro) a sport club dedicated to outdoor activities.

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Smart solutions for InMotion Companies
BrandBit is more a concept than an agency in a traditional way of thinking. Technically we are based in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, but actually we are everywhere. In the real sense of this saying. Try to invite us to a coffee in your office.
BrandBit is a dynamic environment built as an answer to the changes that we face these days in the business models. We are mobile in most of the aspects of our lives and need faster solutions to our challenges.
BrandBit is exactly the answer to this new environment. Our main focus is on the clients that need faster reaction, real expertise at competitive costs.

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A web design dynamic environment
In this new dynamic landscape, things are changing and evolving at an incredible speed. Online marketing strategies evolve on a daily basis. A traditional agency should invest enormous amount of energy to keep their team updated while we continuosly adapt and search for the best players on the market to find the best solution for your business.

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Efficiency and quality at the best price
We are flexible, able to adapt easily to any new situation because our structure is built on efficiency. We are focused on results. Instead of relying on a predefined team to solve a problem we try to always find the best cost – quality ratio involving the right person for the right task. For this we use our network of professionals or companies that we personally know and tested before. This means efficiency and quality at the best price.

Razvan Ciobotaru,

My Digital Network Of Professionals

Our network of partners consists exclusively of professionals or companies with a strong reputation.

During the 11 years since I started to work in digital marketing I created lots of connections, I worked on several projects with lots of professionals, I coordinated teams and projects. Now, I’m using all of these, experience and connections, to manage your project at the best!

Razvan Ciobotaru - UX/UI Designer

Buisness Partners

Innertrends - Partners


Optimize your user onboarding!

We are always trying to understand the business of our partners and come up with smart solutions. It’s our duty to find ways that could help you to develop your business. This year we are proud to announce our new partnership with a young and successful StartUp: Inner Trends that provide one the best solutions on the market for how to optimize your user on boarding,

TagMedia - iGaming Consultancy


Bespoke marketing initiatives and strategies

In 2015, we teamed up with a leading iGaming marketing consultancy, TAG Media. TAG Media offers consultancy services to online casinos, sportsbooks and social gaming companies looking to build acquisition marketing activity and foster strategies and partnerships to grow their overall business.

According to our Clients

Companies that I worked for

Client - Allianz Global Assistance
Client - NHS
Client - Eden Hotel Collection
Client - GP Strategies
Client - TradaCasino
Client - Gamingslots
Client - THP Innovate
Client - Eynsham Hall
Client - NHS One
Client - Slot Junkies Network
Client - Bath Consultancy Group
Client - Executive PA

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Copyright © 2016 BrandBit.co.uk All rights reserved.