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The Christmas Calendar that I designed was another project for TradaCasino and its success determined us to develop more this concept as an efficient promotion tool. So, later on I created the concept for Adventure Calendar but this is another story that I will tell you later. The mission was to create a responsive website that will be focused on promoting the Christmas promotions.

Responsive web design - Christmas Calendar


Oh, Christmas is the season of stories so I could tell you lots of them but the story of this layout is perhaps not so much interesting like the other stories that I know from when I was a child. This is perhaps more a technical story. Once, a guy asked me from where he should start learning about the web design. Hm, good question, isn’t it? I told him: “go and read some semiotic studies.” Perhaps it wasn’t the right answer for him in that moment but it was related to a discussion that I had with someone a few minutes ago when I realised that most of the “communicators” knows about marketing but almost nothing about semiotics. Coming back to our story, Christmas is the event perhaps most charged with signification, symbolism. It’s a cocktail I would say, using a word more related to our talk. Creating a concept for a casino promotion website themed for Christmas was, as you can see, very fun. Christmas is for presents. I would say that today Christmas is more a present season and its original meaning has less importance in an open world but giving a gift, a present to someone means to celebrate in the other your essence so its not too far away from the beginning.

Home page design - Christmas Calendar


Finally we had a fully responsive Christmas experience across all the devices. With lights and funny cartoons. And of course, with present, lots of presents for everybody. The feedback for this experience was amazing so I’m really proud of this product. And like most of my projects, perhaps this would be a starting point for another one that will focus more on the rich experience around the user. Oh, yes, and related to the semiotics, I would love to create a design version of Christmas Calendar for Australia.

Christmas Calendar - Promotion Web Site Design
Web Design - Christmas Calendar - Trada Casino


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