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Fun, Fast, Fair

It’s how I start every project. Finding the right story is from my point of view the most important element of a process. Of course, implementation of the project is very important too and from a technical point of view, sometimes it could become the most important because a great voice will make a great story become even better, but a great voice could make a low cost story sounds better. Anyway, what I’m searching for all the time is to find the right story and to tell it with the right voice.

The story behind TradaCasino starts with a few interesting meetings with their Head of Casino to understand them as a company, to understand how do they perceive their market, to understand what are their challenges. In a few words, to understand their inside “culture” and at TradaCasino, what makes TradaCasino amazing is the people behind the scene. When you have a great team is definitely easier to develop.

We focused on finding the key elements that could define the experience at TradaCasino and we come up with a list of items. That’s how we get to the strapline: “FUN, FAST, FAIR”. From here I had to develop a concept that clearly define this experience and translate it in a visual way.  So, the question was: what is “Fun” but also “Fast” and not ultimately “Fair”? Ok. So, here started the challenge. If it was about another industry, perhaps it would be easier to find a concept that translates all of these, but we have to remember that we work in the iGaming Industry and here, there are lots of “restrictions” proper to this industry and you have to know all of these before starting to work on a concept otherwise you’ll end up consuming time and energy for something that can’t apply.

So, my answer to this was: “SPORT”.  Sport from my perspective is that one that has all of these key elements: it’s “fun”, it’s “fast” at least thinking that sports means “energy”, “dynamism” and more than anything else is “fair”. Ok but what sport could be presented here? What sport could create the best connection with a casino business concept? Gambling is most of the time something that it’s put in the corner but we have to remember that Las Vegas is a dream for most of us. Why?  Because it has that fantastic energy around it. Some of us taste the adrenaline jumping from a plane or doing snowboard or anything else but all of us are craving about that feeling. Money on the other side, are the energy that makes this world keep moving. Money are pleasure but making them

Being “fair” as a casino means to respect your user, to protect it. If you read reviews about the casino industry you can spot that what makes a casino stand from the crowd is not only the gaming experience, that of course is very important, but what makes the difference is the second part that at the beginning is the customer relationship. How you interact with your users translates in your respect about them. The whole experience is defined by the end of the process: the customer relationship and how you as a casino use the rules in your favor. Being fair means to deliver a product or a service and take care about all the aspects of satisfaction for your users and this is exactly what I found at TradaCasino. I told you that I reserve my right to select my clients. I really do it.

From my point of view, I have to take responsability for the service that I deliver. Before starting to work for a client I try to understand that “fair” part of its business. Money are everything but after all of the values are checked.

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